The Magazine of The Blog

I mentioned recently that I was working on a secret, blog-related project, well this is it (drumroll):

Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop — The Magazine.

Regular readers of this here blog will know that I’m often moaning about digital technology and how it lacks the tactile, touchy-feely warmth of “real” things like books and records, so — using my day-job skills as a designer — I’ve gone and produced a “real” thing, a “Greatest Hits” collection of my favourite blog posts (some rewritten) presented in a 32-page, full-colour magazine, featuring…

…lots to read…

…lovely photos by Ally


…more records…

… and pin-ups!

This was made using HP’s terrific on-demand printing service MagCloud and can be yours for a measly $6.75 (plus shipping), BUT if you buy before May 8th it’s an even more measly $5.15. You lucky people. And for those of you that way inclined you can also buy a digital version for viewing on your fancy tablet things and computer whatnots.

So go ahead, treat yourself and buy it here (where you can also see a preview of the whole thing), you won’t regret it. At least I hope you won’t, the damn thing took me bloody ages to do.


17 thoughts on “The Magazine of The Blog”

  1. I’m disappointed that there’s not a free space spinner with the first issue.

    Other than that, congratulations (I’ll be placing an order tonight)


  2. Harrumph. I see that now you’re a ‘published author’ there’s no ‘Something For The Weekend’. Bah.

    (It looks beautiful, you talented swine).


  3. Great work Lee. my copy has been ordered.
    Postage down under cost almost $14 and it’s gonna take 4 weeks!
    Luckily I have my free digi copy on the iPad.


  4. I love love love your blog. Love love love print! Love to get something in the mail!

    Very excited and more than happy to help support from away across the seas.

    Can’t wait for the mail to arrive!


  5. Received the magazine yesterday, my partner read the Jenny Agutter article and said “Did you write this?”
    ” No why?”
    ” Because that’s how you and my brother think about her”
    Thanks for articulating my thoughts exactly. Splendid read and wonderful pictures.


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