Wednesday Funny

Yes, it’s Valerie Leon again. As someone commented last time she does seem to crop us here a fair bit, usually in short videos or the occasional picture which is a bit like her career really — lots of quick guest appearances (as the anonymous “crumpet” usually) and very few bigger roles. I should give her a post of her own one of these days.

Afraid I’m being a bit of a lazy bones on the writing front at the moment, can’t seem to summon up the energy to finish anything long off. Plus I’ve actually been busy on the freelancing front and am about to get even busier — which is good! Money!


Golden tickets

I don’t have a bucket list of things to do before I die but if I did seeing Saint Etienne live would be on it — not very near the top but somewhere on it at least. They’re probably my favourite band of the last 20 years and I’ve never seen them. I moved to the States soon after their first album came out and on the very rare occasions they’ve toured over here since they’ve never come anywhere near where I was living. But now — hallelujah! — they’re playing Boston next month and I HAVE TICKETS!!!

They’d better be bloody good now after I’ve waited all these years.

The Shortest Book In The World

I don’t wish to offend any Welsh people and I’m sure that there have been several famous battles fought in Wales (mostly against the English I bet) but I must admit that when I saw this book my first thought was of the old playground jokes about the shortest books in the world — like Italian War Heroes, The Biafran Book of Cookery, The Irish Book of Knowledge, and The German Joke Book.

There was also English Fine Cuisine so we were pretty much equal-opportunity offenders back then.

Here’s someone from the book Famous Welsh Singers which isn’t very long either but is full of quality.

Download: Chills And Fever – Tom Jones (mp3)