Caption Competition

Hopefully you can have some fun with this one. The best caption will win the prize of being the wittiest person on the internet. At least for a day.

Download: Something (Demo, Take One) – The Beatles (mp3)


Serenity now

At the moment life seems to be a constant stream of things that need doing or worrying about: Kids starting new schools, house painting, deadlines to meet, career decisions to make, what to have for tea. I’ll be glad when this summer is over and life can get boring and routine again.

This sublime performance by the Capital Children’s Choir from London really helps with the stress levels though. If this doesn’t soothe your savage breast you might need to see a doctor.

Something for the Weekend

It might be sacrilege to say it but I’ve always preferred this version to Bill Withers’ original. Partly because it’s the first one I knew, but I also love its more expansive treatment of the song. That Jackson kid was a hell of a singer, too. Whatever happened to him?

Quite the classy routine from Pan’s People too.

Music was her first love

I’ve been out with plenty of girls who loved music and could tell their House from their Garage and their Orange Juice from their Jam — I even married one — but I’ve never met one who rose to the obsessive level of nerdy music anorak that men do. The same with films, comics, and sport.

I know they exist. I have occasionally seen a girl in a second-hand record shop intently digging through the boxes, and every man in the place will be staring at her as if they’ve spotted some rare bird — because they have (and probably wish she could be their girlfriend). But usually, whatever gene it is that turns men into anal trainspotters who can name every Clash b-side, women don’t have it.

Obviously this is a sweeping generalization and I don’t intend to be sexist in any way. It’s a compliment really, High Fidelity couldn’t have been written about a woman because they just aren’t that sad and ridiculous.

The young lady above should be able to tell Mike that this is a classic dance track from 1984. Then she should break up with him.

Download: Music Is The Answer – Colonel Abrams (mp3)