3 thoughts on “New Monday”

  1. Lovely. I think I have accumulated quite a number of songs or artists to listen to over the years thanks to this blog.


  2. Yow, I beyond agree about this guy. I think he’s invented an extremely modern new mode of expression. He’s the one I thought my player was misreading until the second time through, when it all made sense.


  3. Hey Lee – Playing your “Girl Called Eddie” track at virtual music club tonight – so thanks for the tip! I did end up picking her debut … good stuff. Also, the new track from BC Camplight (shortly after takeoff). No nothing about him, but give him a go… “Shortly After Takeoff” (the title track) is the one playing on the Beeb these days… also this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLKV99Ts9Mg


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