Tees Up

My Twitter exile continues and could be permanent* so I’m back to plugging new tee designs here. You never know I might start writing new posts again (let’s not go crazy).

Anyways, here are a couple of new designs I think are rather spiffy and I hope you do too. As usual they are only $14 for a limited time so Buy! Buy! Buy!

If one of you kind souls could give these a plug on Twitter I’d appreciate it. Feel free to use my gif even.

I don’t think this 10-minute version of Kate’s meisterwerk is an official release but it’s great nonetheless. One of those records you wouldn’t mind if they went on for hours.

Download: Running Up That Hill (Extended) – Kate Bush (mp3)

*I tried setting up a new account with a different email but got caught out when they asked for my phone number. Bastards.


Something for the Weekend

Kate was on a lot of TV shows at the start of her career and YouTube is full of clips of her miming songs on all sorts of cheesy music variety programs all over Europe. This one is better than most of them because she’s obviously worked out some choreography with the single camera and it’s like she’s dancing with it.

Slow Jammin’ with Kate

Listening to this I thought Kate should do a covers album of R&B slow jams. Just imagine the pleasure of her singing “Love To Love You Baby”, “Let’s Get It On”, and a Barry White number of course. 

Download: Sexual Healing – Kate Bush (mp3)

Kate originally recorded this in the early 90s but it didn’t get released until it appeared on the b-side of her 2005 single “King Of The Mountain”.

The Trip Inside

When I was a kid I got laughs out of playing my mum’s Frank Sinatra albums at the wrong speed. Our Bush record player went up to 78rpm which made Frank sound like a demented Pinky and Perky, but it also went as slow as 16rpm (what records played at that speed?) which achieved a ghostly effect that was more spooky than funny.

Nothing like this Kate Bush video though, which slows “Wuthering Heights” down to the speed of a snail crawling through treacle and stretches it out to 36 minutes that are intensely trippy and beautifully hypnotic.

The Pictures on My Wall (Part Three)

So why is that even though I only owned two Kate Bush singles (the first two) and none of her albums did I have this great big poster of her on my bedroom wall?

Silly question really.

I assume this must have gone up around 1979-80. My walls at the time were also decorated with pictures of Pauline Murray, Siouxsie Sioux, and Debbie Harry but those were mostly torn out of magazines and the NME. I would love to have had a big poster of Ms. Murray in particular on the wall but they didn’t make those. Somehow I don’t think she would have posed in a leotard though.

Download: Brazil – Kate Bush (mp3)

(This is from the soundtrack of Terry Gilliam’s film. One of my all-time favourite songs given a lovely treatment by our Kate)