Instagram Sam

I’ve decided not to try and get back on Twitter again. With Elon Musk wanting to buy it (though he could be bottling out) and saying he’ll give Trump his account back I thought fuck that for a game of soldiers.

Instead I’ve moved to Instagram (or “the ‘gram” as I believe the kids call it) where so far I mostly posting design stuff like old magazine covers. So if you’re in those parts give me a follow here and I’ll follow you back if I like the cut of your jib.

7 thoughts on “Instagram Sam”

  1. Trump did the equivalent of yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater. I got banned from Twitter for a movie quote they took out of context, he encouraged the overthrowing of election results


  2. Crooked Hilary spent four years saying the 2016 election was stolen from her and is still saying that to this day, also at the Michael Sussmann trial (if you are even aware of it) it was disclosed that Clinton herself was behind the false story of Trumps collusion with Russia even though she was told it was false.
    There was circumstantial evidence of voting fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan in 2020, all Trump wanted was these allegations to be investigated but was denied by the deep state who refused to do so.
    As for January 6th unlike the Floyd riots Trump said go and protest peacefully,. Also we should insist Pelosi releases her political prisoners from January 6.who were just at best trespassing and get the AG to indict, Lt. Michael Byrd who murdered veteran Ashli Babbitt.
    If Musk follows through Twitter will be a free speech haven where you will be allowed to use your own intelligence to decide what is true/false or disinformation.
    On a lighter note did you know the Joe Biden thought Elon Musk was Dr Jill’s perfume.


  3. Playng “Spot the Bot” used to be a lot more fun when it was slightly harder.

    Still, glad you’re all right.


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